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Kamis, 28 Agustus 2014

There are 32 more pieces of the image in PLUS highway death misfortune to read this entry entirely. If a weak heart / spirit do not look weak.

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Indonesian News One - Making this list made me sad. So many transportation accidents in Indonesia without any significant improvement. Most of these accidents are caused by other than natural, also due to human negligence and conditions inadequate transportation tool. When is the government going to bother with this condition? Here are 10 of the most heartbreaking tragedy transportation in Indonesia's history.

1 Tragedy Plastica
Tragedy Plastica is a train accident on October 19, 1987 Known as one of the most tragic railway tragedies in the world, train accident involved two economies, one departing from the station and only Rangkasbitung departing from Tanah Abang Station. Both collided in Pondok Betong, Plastica and causing 156 passengers were killed. Terrible, many of the victims are no longer intact limbs. Was purely an accident caused by human carelessness.
2 Tragedy Tampomas
This tragedy involving KMP Tampomas II belongs PELNI burning in Masalembo waters on January 27, 1981 This ship captain Abdul Rival dinahkodai who decided to stay on the sinking ship. Based on the manifest, the ship was carrying 1054 passengers and 82 crew members, but in reality there were an estimated 1442 passengers (plus stowaways). Fire on ships leaving from cape Priok with the purpose of the Ujung Pandang caused sparks in the engine room, plus it does not have a smoke detector vessel. Suharto government when it tried to cover up this case so that the results of the investigation were not satisfactory.
3 Tragedy Senopati Nusantara
Lagi2 maritime tragedy that tore the history of Indonesia, KM Senopati Nusantara ferry sank estimated at December 30, 2006 in Karimun waters on its way from the Gulf of Kumai (Central Kalimantan) to Semarang. This ship allegedly sank due to bad weather. From a total of 628 crew and passengers, only 128 people who were rescued.
4 Tragedy Lion Air 538
This tragedy should be recorded in the history, because I knew this is the first incident plane crash that rocked benar2 public. Since then, for some reason, more and more pesawat2 falling from the sky. Lion Air plane skids event with code 538 at Airport flight JT Adisumarmo Solo 30 November 2004 that occurred was due to slippery runway due to bad weather. Aircraft accident majors Jakarta - Surabaya, killing 26 passengers. This accident is also known as the most dramatic video recorded one of the TV crew were also on the plane that clearly describe the horror and suspense detik2 after the plane crashed.
5. Tragedy Sukhoi
This accident certainly still fresh in our memory. Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane crash that hit Mount Salak on May 9, 2011 was caused by the pilot's ignorance of the original Russian with field he faced. This flight is a flight demo is supposed to introduce this aircraft to the airline business. Among the 45 passengers were killed, including three Indonesian journalists.
6 The tragedy of Adam Air 574
Adam Air Flight 574 with majors Surabaya - Manado departing January 1, 2007 and is estimated to be lost in the waters of Majene, Sulawesi. Until now, 96 passengers and 6 crew still unknown. The process was aided by the search for survivors aboard the United States and Canada to help aircraft from Singapore, but found only a black box. Tragically, this heartbreaking accident just 3 days later tragedy Senopati archipelago.
7 Tragedy Garuda 152
Garuda Indonesia Flight GA aircraft meruapakn 152 airbus aircraft that crashed in Sibolangit, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, while about to land at Polonia Airport, Medan. This event is thought to be caused haze from forest fires when it is blanketed the city field. Until now this tragedy is the biggest plane crash in Indonesia, with the number of victims 222 passengers and 12 crew.
8. Tragedy Mandala 21
makam masal mandala
Although not as many casualties in Medan Garuda tragedy, but still I consider this accident even more tragic because not only takes the passengers newspaper, but the innocent people who are on the ground. The accident involving the aircraft Mandaa Airlines Flight 91 majors Medan - Jakarta crashed shortly after taking off from Polonia Airport, Medan.
Besides killing 111 passengers and crew, this tragedy also killed 44 people who were at the crash site in Padang Bulan, Medan. Miraculously, 16 passengers managed to escape from this terrible tragedy. Theories abound about the causes of this accident, ranging from engine damage due to excess cargo weight 2 kg of durian which brought the Governor of North Sumatra, Tengku Rizal Nurdin, who also died as a result of the accident.
9. Tugu Tani tragedy
The tragedy of this accident benar2 make anyone become furious. This tragedy caused by the condition Afriyani driving under the influence of methamphetamine that crashed and killed nine pedestrians on January 21, 2012.
10 Tragedy Situbondo
This tragedy is probably the most heartbreaking of traffic accidents that have occurred in Indonesia. Imagine, an accident which occurred October 8, 2003, killing all passengers who are the majority of senior high school students Yapemda, Sleman who was on his way home study tour to Bali. A total of 48 students and a teacher were killed when the bus they were on fire. The accident was caused by the negligence of the driver (satu2nya survivors of these events) through the traffic signs.
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10 Most Terrible Accident Strange But Barely Difficult believed!

Indonesian News One - Sometimes accidents can not be avoided. However, following an accident is somewhat unusual, and involves strange things.

For example, the plane that dropped because of a crocodile, the man who cut off his body by train but survived, or also with balloon floating in the air and then dropped.

Here are 10 terrible accident that seems unbelievable that never really happened.

1 Fly Together Balloons
Everyone seems to like balloons for jumping. But in 2006 it was changed after 30 people were carried away to fly when the castle made ​​of balloons ripped from the ground.

Terbang Bersama Balon

It seems like that is the dream of all the children. The first 50 feet it might look cool. However, entering 150 feet afterwards, it was like a murder when the air balloon and explore the upside.

2 Blind Because Science
A scientist named Anatoli Burgoski investigating the proton beam close to the speed of light in 1978.

Buta Karena Science

After finding errors in akselelator, he saw a brighter light than the thousands of sun.

3 As a result of Jack Daniel's
In the wrong hands because of Jack Daniel probably died ordinary. But Mr. Daniel's whiskey is king died in a conscious state when trying to open a storage area in the morning.

Akibat Jack Daniel's

When can not remember the combination to the storage area, he kicked and make his toes hurt. The man eventually died not because of the blood of poisoned whiskey but due to an infection of the injured leg when trying to open a whiskey storage.

4 Cut Half Men
Truman Duncan, who worked as a railway switch points fall in freight rail line.

Pria Terpotong Setengah

Although it survived, but these men are not in good condition. Because of Duncan's body cut into two at the hips.

5. plane Fall For Crocodiles
Twenty-one passengers boarding an aircraft. One man carries a crocodile before leaving the aircraft with very suspicious.

Pesawat Jatuh Karena Buaya

The only passenger who survived the crash reveal any passengers who smuggled crocodile in a sports bag. The beast made ​​it out of the bag and make the whole chaotic flight. These beast frighten a woman passenger who eventually ran into the front area of the plane and shouting.

Another passenger, too panicked and tried to escape. Aircraft in which they were eventually lost his balance and fell. Twenty people died including the pilot.

6 Died Because of Wrestling
Wrestler Owen Hart entrance with an unusual way in the event the WWF pay-per-view special

Meninggal Karena Gulat

He jumped from the 78 foot high arena. Rather than a dramatic entry way, Hart fell at high speed into the ring. This occurs because the instrument error. Hart suffered internal bleeding and died on the spot.

7 Imperturbable Grenade in Stomach
Channing Moss injured by guns Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher grenade. Former member of special forces is being fought in Afghanistan.

Tertembus Granat di Perut

The RPG penetrated the left side of his body. He was quite lucky because the weapon does not explode when it is in itself. This man was also fortunate to be treated by a doctor who could remove the bullet from his deadly weapon.

8 Died When Married
Young groom, Fabio Marciel died on her wedding day. This occurs when a party the night after the wedding procession. The incident took place around 2 am.

Meninggal Ketika Menikah

In a drunken state he bagged beers. When dropped, broken glass tearing the artery in his leg. He died from loss of blood when taken to hospital.

9. severed head
Shannon Malloy is a young mother who is able to face the severed head. The inside of the neck is cut off due to a car accident. He is in a condition, in which only the skin that unites the body with the head.

Kepala Terpenggal

Doctors can restore the woman's bones. It requires 5 times the experiment. What happens is that the woman woke up during the course of the procedure, without substance pain relievers.

10 Fall Board Announcements Airport
After a vacation in Florida, 10-year-old boy is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luke Bresette falling bulletin board weighing 300 pounds at the airport.

Kejatuhan Papan Pengumuman Bandara

It took six people to lift the bulletin board until medics arrived. Afterward it took 12 people to actually move the board. Birmingham Airport after the incident is similar announcement erase board.
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